Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Your Face on the Dance Floor

The words strikes fear in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.  Little tweenie punks in black v-necks squatted down chugging palm muted open strings while synth noodles in the background. blech!
When faced with mixing the brutality of !mypetoctopus with the silliness and overall awfulness of crabcore, my friend and I smiled at each other and got to work.
The result was a brutal assault on the ears called "Get Your Face on the Dance Floor."  Silly name, but hey...we are a silly band.
The song features a synth lick that is repeated throughout the song, epic palm mutes, dissonance, and riffs, and a techno break that will get anyone dancing.  This song is considered our 2nd most popular song next to "Piss Dungeon," our "breakthrough" "single."  (Lots of quote marks because the legitimacy of this band is questionable at best) :D
As our second song put on the myspace, we were still rusty.  We were finding our niche in the metal world.  Would we continue down crabcore lane, or go somewhere a bit...warmer?
Stay tuned to find out!
P.S:  listen here :) http://www.myspace.com/mypetoctopus/music/songs/get-your-face-on-the-dance-floor-57910496

EDIT: I am absolutely blown away by all of the positive comments on what is essentially a side project to bide my time.  It truly means a lot!


  1. decent track! thanks for sharing

  2. not a problem! thanks for listening!

  3. This song just has awesome sauce poured all over it! Freaking loved it, man! I really did!

  4. That synth is really well produced. I used to go to a lot of deathcore/synthcore shows in my town and this is up there with some of that stuff. Nice work.

  5. I like the vocals and the mix of the guitar and synth, keep it up

  6. Interesting post man, I kinda like it!

  7. never heard crabcore before and I honstly couldn't imagine a synth in this, but this is abso-f*cking-lutly awsome. Keep it rollin'

  8. This song blew me away. Usually I would've dismissed it pretty quickly based on the vocals, but this drew me in for some reason. Cool stuff man.

  9. Quite a decent side project you've got going there.

  10. I've totally been into crabcore since before they sold out man...