Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Workflow

When I record, I use an all digital work flow.  Let'Ads go over the specs!

Computer:  2007 MacBook Pro (don't hate)
Addictive Drums
Guitar Rig 3

I use a 1/4-1/8 adapter for the guitar and run a line-in into my MacBook.  I really like the ease of Garageband when recording.  You set a BPM speed and time signature and recording is very easy!  Addictive Drums is super easy.  I program on a sequencer of sorts and feel out the song.  Making drum tracks is totally simple.  Guitar Rig 3 has a HUGE database of sounds and is totally customizable to my liking.

Click here for Guitar Rig 4
Click here for Addictive Drums

Do any of my followers record their own music?  Leave a comment with your setup (if applicable).
Stay metal,

PS. Sorry I have been so busy lately, I'm finishing up my year as a senior in University, so it's crunch time!


  1. I wish, im not very musically talented

  2. producing industrial tunes for some years now...