Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Piss Dungeon.

So !mypetoctopus had reached the fame and fortune that we had always desired.  Except...we didn't.  Only we listened to our own tracks, jabbing each other in the ribs and making stupid giggling noises.  It was obvious from the beginning that !mpo would never be anything more than a fun joke.  After coming to this realization again, we decided to get...experimental.

Since I am a southern boy, I have always enjoyed the off-shoot of metal, southern metal.  It hold an almost...country air, but it is infused with the goodness of metal.  Heavy riffs, breakdowns...you know, the good stuff :).  I won't brag, but I know a couple of riffs.  I threw a few together.  We filled the song with irrelevant, shit lyrics.  We recorded myself urinating.  After many hours of back-breaking work, we were left with a classic: Piss Dungeon.  A drop-d piss-storm of riffs, breakdowns, and two-steps that would leave your buck-toothed Uncle Jeb in tears.  I give you, PISS DUNGEON.


Will !mpo's next direction continue down the dusty Alabama trail?  Or would we head to the beach with a head bobbing new single?  Tune in to find out more!


  1. Checking it right now :)

  2. nice song! i'll follow the blog for upcoming news!

  3. Haha nice song, could pass for any other band dude, it's good. I love the adding of pissing :)