Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Humble Beginnings

It all started my junior year in college (2009).  Wait, that's a lie.  It started so much earlier.  Instead of talking about how i got into playing guitar, let's discuss my history with metal.
I love metal, man.  It's crazy.  I started really getting into it in high school, about freshman year.  I was listening to post-metal outfits like Pelican and Isis and I just could not get enough.  I started to develop and interest in guitar and what do ya' know?  I immediately pumped out palm mutes and sick riffs.  That's a lie, too.  I sucked.  But...through hard practice and expanding my musical horizons, I developed a mean affinity for the heavy.
I learned how to use GarageBand on my Mac!  Glory days!  I loved making quick snippets of metal and other goodness.  I refined my ability to create songs, and I got better and better.
I came up to my friend and roommate with a good idea: let's get heavy.  He was in.  Good.  We wondered how easy it would be to create a metal band and get down with the brutality.  It was easy.  In true metal fashion, we decided on a name that was completely irrelevant and silly: !mypetoctopus.  Our first song was a catchy little ditty entitled "Slaughter-F**k," a drop-C mess of riffs and breakdowns lasting about a minute.  We couldn't get enough.
www.myspace.com/mypetoctopus (listen here)
We loved it.  So our first song was in place, and !mpo was rising to the top.
Tune in soon for our first "single," "Get Your Face on the Dance Floor!"
Cheers and brutality,


  1. I went through practically all your songs and they are pretty good! I wish you guys the best of luck! Following, mate!

  2. not generally my style but sounds good dude!

  3. i figured it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but thanks for the kind words!

  4. Haha, it's actually pretty good.

  5. Metal is pretty fun to play. I like messing around on a clean channel with maybe a little chorus or rotary/reverb a little more. I've always wanted to get an Adrenalinn 3 multi effects pedal; it has some pretty crazy sounds.

  6. oh i agree completely! it's about the only thing that i can play. my friends dog me about it all the time...