Monday, April 4, 2011

Life as a Fake Metal Band

Hi there!  Welcome to !mypetoctopus' new blog!
I'm excited to start talking about what began as just a joke between two good friends.  A little over one year ago, my friend and I were discussing metal.  We both love listening to metal and all of the brutality involved and all that good stuff.  We wondered how easy it would be to make a brutal band capable of wrecking faces.  Turns out that it was pretty easy!
Stay tuned to the blog to find out the personal history of !mypetoctopus, a band founded on brutality and a twisted sense of humor.
Take care,


  1. It'll be a great blog to follow! Must be sure to come by sometime! Keep it going ;)

  2. looking forward to history in the making

  3. ha! well i wouldn't go that far. i never actually planned on getting anywhere with playing music. it is merely one of my many passions i explore to pass the time. thanks for the kind words, though!

  4. Ahhh, makes me think of Metalocalypse. <3 Deathklok